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Carta AGILE €20,00

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 Prezzo: €20.00

Carta AGILE € 20.00 is an ATAF electronic card with a memory of 21 90-minute tickets (€0,95/ticket).

To validate the ticket simply PLACE Carta Agile in front of the zone indicated ON THE MACHINE and the journey is instantly charged up to you: The operation is quick and simple.

To see when the card runs out, or the number of journeys left on it, simply PRESS a BUTTON and PLACE the card in front of the validating machine: the screen will supply all the desired information.

The Carta Agile can be used on the routes served by ATAF&LI-NEA and on the tramway, not to travel on other routes or services outside the city. 

Cards expiry 12 months after their first validation.

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