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Season Tickets

Yearly BASIC

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 Prezzo: €150.00

The Yearly BASIC < € 10.000 is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

It is restricted to holders of an ISEE certificate of less than € 10.000.

The certification must refer to the beneficiary of the pass requested.
The ISEE certification is issued free of charge by the Inps and by the CAAF with standing agreements with the Inps.

The following must be presented for the BASIC pass: fiscal code, ISEE certification (ORIGINAL ISEE CERTIFICATE - COPIES ARE NOT ADMITTED) - , 1 photo, form completed and signed by the applicant (or if under age by a parent showing the relative document or copy of the same)

Such ticket may be purchased at:
-Sala Clienti ATAF
- Sala Clienti Scandicci

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