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Students Cards

The student card is the personal ID needed to use the monthly student season ticket.

Student cards may be obtained by:
- students enrolled in the primary, upper and lower secondary schools, whether public or officially recognized, until the end of their 20th year of age
- students enrolled in the University or in courses of professional training financed by the Regione Toscana or by authorized bodies until the age of 27 years.

The student card costs € 9.00 and is valid for 3 years from the date of issue but in no case after the student has reached 27 years of age. The holder of a student card is obliged to inform the ATAF of any variation in the student’s circumstances by filling in the appropriate form. The period of validity of the card is shown on the document. In case of theft or loss of the student card it will not be duplicated or replaced.
The following are required in order to obtain a student card: 1 passport-size photograph, the application form competed and signed by the applicant. In the case of a student under age the application must be countersigned by a parent (and as usual a valid ID of the applicant or copy of same must be shown)