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The management review and the environmental principles

The Management Review and the corporate environmental principles.

The Top Management, at planned intervals, reviews the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of ATAF S.p.A.'s Environmental Management System in being compliant with the applicable legal requirements.
At least annually, at any rate every time considered necessary, the Top Management reviews the corporate Environmental Management System, including the environmental policy, objectives and goals.

The Management Review outputs are described in the meeting report.

Input elements

The Top Management reviews in particular:

  • the results of the surveys about the requirements and expectations of the customers (splitting them also in environmental topics);
  • the results of the Customer Satisfaction surveys, when available;
  • the framework of improvement objectives and environmental programmes;
  • the adequacy of the corporate policy;
  • the communication and availability of the corporate environmental objectives and policy as well as the worker's awareness about them;
  • the availability of adequate resources (personnel, specialized skills, organizational infrastructures, tools, equipment, technology, technical and operational documentation, financial resources, purchaisings) for the implementation of the management system;
  • the evaluation of the extent to which the quality factor standards stated by the Service Chart have been fulfilled;
  • the status of implementation of the Management System Manual and the system's procedures (see internal audit reports or certification body audit reports as well as the dealing of nonconformities);
  • the evaluation of legal compliance (ISO 14001/2004);
  • the need to implement selection, training and information activities;
  • the trend of business processes through a series of economic and performance indicators;
  • output data resulting from the measurement of the organization's environmental aspects (annual ecobalance account);
  • improvement actions suggested by the outputs of the examination and assessment of the defined monitoring data.

The Environment & Safety Function summons and organizes a meeting aimed at examining the data and the input documents on the base of the data and information conveyed by the various system documents issued and filed like:

  • internal audit reports;
  • nonconformity reports;
  • the planning of improvement objectives;
  • further management system documents;

as well as documents with external origin like:

  • customer feedbacks (claims and requests);
  • communications by the contracting institution/agency (primary customer).

Output elements

The main scopes of the management review are:

  • The verification of the integrated management system's adequacy demonstrated in the course of time and according to the current situation.
  • The extent to which the management system manual and the procedures have been implemented.
  • The status of corrective and preventive actions.
  • The coherence of the organizational/corporate structures in regard to the objectives and the resources.
  • The environmental performance of the organization and updating of the Environmental Analysis.
  • The checking about the extent to which the objectives indicated in the corporate environmental policy have been achieved.
  • The follow-up actions from previous management reviews.
  • The identification of improvement areas concerning the organization's products and services in regard to the customer's requirements and expectations.
  • The personnel's training needs.
  • The market situation and the compliance of the management system to the reference legislation (cfr. also ISO 14001/2004).
  • The availability of adequate resources.
  • The need of additional internal and external communication activities and channels.
  • The assessment and monitoring of suppliers.

The outputs of the management review are recorded and filed by the Environment and Safety Function which draws up a meeting report that is distributed to all the involved corporate functions.

The Integrated Management System Policy is a fundamental document for the Company and the Organization since ATAF S.p.A has a deep public impact on the territory.

From the policy derive the organization's objectives, the environmental programmes and the actions directed to the consumptions and energy costs reduction/optimization/monitoring.

The corporate policy, considered valid and effective, has to be and is divulgated as well as shared through the internal and external communication channels every time it is updated.

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