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The ISO 14001/2004 standard

The certificated Environmental Management System.

The ISO 14001/2004 standard is an international voluntary norm which defines how an effective and sustainable Environmental Management System must be developed.

ATAF S.p.A.'s Environmental Management System, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001/2004 standard, is aimed at checking systematically the environmental impacts of the corporate activities and to pursue the continual improvement of its environmental performances.

The ISO 14001/2004 certificate, assigned to ATAF S.p.A. from one accredited independent certification body, demonstrates the concrete commitment of the organization in preventing and mitigating the adverse interactions with the environment of its business processes, products and services, attests the regulatory compliance and the adequacy of the implemented Environmental Management System.

The main elements of the standard are:

  • the organization's environmental policy;
  • the planning;
  • the implementation and operation (effectiveness) of the applied management system;
  • the checking and the implementation of corrective actions;
  • the review of documents by the Top Management (management review).

The Environmental Management System defined by the ISO 14001/2004 standard is based on the commitment of all personnel and Top Management towards:

  • the regulatory compliance;
  • the continual improvement;
  • the prevention and reduction of pollution.

For the maintenance of the Environmental Management System, the organization draws up the Environmental Analysis with the aim to identify its significant environmental aspects.

On the base of the business environmental aspects, legal requirements and corporate policy, ATAF S.p.A. plans suitable Environmental Programmes and improvement interventions.

Particular attention is focused on the definition of clearly specified tasks, competences, the use of tools, resources and the interaction between the corporate functions for the checking and leading of the activities coherently with the requirements of the Environmental Management System as well as in compliance with the objectives set by the Top Management.

The General Directorate assumes a strategic role in defining the organization's objectives, providing the resources, specifying improvement goals and measuring its achievement.

ATAF S.p.A. has acquired the first certificate of its Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001/1996 standard in 2003. In 2006 ATAF S.p.A. has obtained the certificate according to the new edition of the aforesaid standard (ISO 14001/2004).

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