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The environmental regulations

The environmental legal requirements.

The updating of environmental legal requirements.

The updating of environmental legal requirements is a business process regulated by a procedure related to the Environmental Management System of ATAF S.p.A.

The activity is aimed at identifying and implementing of the adaptation needs of the corporate structures (systems/techniques/work organization/single structures/processes) based on the new legal prescriptions in order to prevent and reduce its adverse environmental impacts.

The process of adaptation to the legislative changes is pursued through combined and joined evaluations among the corporate sectors involved by the improvement interventions and aimed at achieving the definition, the planning and accomplishment of specific environmental corporate programmes directed to improve the functional standards established by the current legislation.

Point 4.3.2. of ISO 14001/2004 standard, according to which ATAF S.p.A.'s Environmental Management System is certified, imposes that the organization establishes, implements and maintains one or more procedures to:

a) identify and have access to the applicable legal requirements and the other obligations to which the Company subscribes related to its environmental aspects;

b) determine how these requirements apply to its environmental aspects.

The organization shall ensure that the applicable legal requirements and the other obligations to which the Top Management subscribes, are taken into account in establishing, implementing and maintaining its Environmental Management System.

The procedure is applied every time legislative changes occur in the environmental sector and is addressed to all the corporate structures that have an environmental impact in the fields dealt by the norms.

The main activities of the procedure regard the examination of the acquired legislative documentation, the drawing up of a technical schedule, the writing of a framework report focused on the dealt environmental problems, and the consultation among the interested corporate sectors. All these activities are aimed at informing the Top Management about the adaptation needs of the corporate organization, as to monitor and check the correct trend of the environmental legal requirements updating in relation to the new legal obligations.

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