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The checking of buses' exhaust gases


The checking of buses' exhaust gases.

    ATAF pays great attention in monitoring the exhaust gases emitted by its vehicles, whose checking is carried out about each bus every 10,000 driven km.

    Maintenance operations (fuel injectors, cylinder head, injection pumps, etc) are executed in case the resulting values exceed the limits imposed by the reference legislation.

    In regard of vehicles exhaust gases, the Italian legislation establishes the maximum limit of gas opacity at 65% (equivalent to 3,71 K, which is the unit of measurement introduced by the European Union).

    ATAF S.p.A. has set its own exhaust gases opacity limit at 45% (equal to 2,57 K), and the continual monitoring of the vehicles allows the Company to keep the opacity values beneath this limit.  

    As an example, in the months of September and October 2006 there have been checked 240 buses with the result of an average value of emissions opacity of 15% (equal to 0,86 K).


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