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D.M. 29/11/2000


The monitoring of acoustic climate and vehicle emission levels measurement.

The noise mitigation and abatement plan, reduction of noise produced by the public transportation service delivery.

The Decree issued by the Ministry of the Environment on 29-11-2000, stated the criteria for the processing by the companies and agencies managing the local transportation services or related infrastructures of noise abatement/mitigation plans aimed at reducing and controlling the noise produced during the service delivery.

In particular the decree establishes:

  • the location of the areas where, in consequence of the noise immission, the limit values set by legislation are exceeded;
  • the determination of the specific contribution of every company/agency that manages public transportation services or infrastructures to the exceeding of the legal limit values;
  • the presentation of noise mitigation and abatement plans, as established by Law 447/95 (framework law on acoustic pollution).

The achievement of the objectives stated in the mitigation and abatement plans will have to be completed, through the progressive implementation of the interventions established by each plan, within 15 years.

At present ATAF S.P.A. has fulfilled, in cooperation with the Company for technical planning and consultancy Vie En. Ro. Se. Sas, to the first phase of acoustic and/or structural planning of noise abatement actions according to what expected by the D.M. 29/11/2000.

Phase 1 dealt with:

  • the study and monitoring of the acoustic climate through the location of base and sample scenarios, as well as the construction of a data processing model for the input and census of the receivers about every sample scenario;
  • the study, also through phonometric surveys, of the emission levels by the various typologies of vehicles.

Phase 2

Phase 2 expects the study, through phonometric surveys and simulations, of the acoustic impact produced by ATAF S.p.A.'s vehicles while providing the public transportation service, as well as the verification of the respect of the limit values set by regulations.

This phase is on progress and, at the moment, has been implemented relatively to the validation of the model of which to phase 1.